Pengerang Deepwater Terminal 2 (PDT2)

  • Client: Pengerang Terminals (Two) Sdn Bhd / Petronas
  • Location: Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia
  • Year: 2019

01. The Challenge :

The wastewater tanks at Pengerang Deepwater Terminal 2 (PDT2) required a high performance coating system in order to protect these structures from harsh chemicals & high salt content solutions. Besides that, any tanks that will potentially use a biological wastewater treatment process will also require a coating system that does not harm any microorganisms, eliminating the usage of any conventional coal tar epoxy coating systems. 

RAPID Pengerang project reference - dritech chemicals
RAPID Pengerang project reference - dritech chemicals  dri-gard tz 300gf
RAPID Pengerang project reference - dritech chemicals sdn bhd
RAPID Pengerang project reference - dri-gard ep 1800

02. PROPOSED Solution :

Dritech Chemicals has supplied a high performance coating solution to protect 55,000 sqft. of structures at Petronas RAPID, Pengerang. 

Dri-Gard TZ 300GF is a two-part, solvent free epoxy protective coating that functions as both a primer and base coat, while Dri-Gard EP 1800 is a high performance, chemical resistant epoxy novolac coating. Epoxy novolac is famous for its high chemical resistance, and is able to protect structures against against extremely harsh chemicals such as 98% sulphuric acid.

The Dri-Gard coating system was also fiber-reinforced to ensure long-term durability, preventing unwanted downtime for repair and maintenance. 

With its excellent abrasion resistance & adhesion strength to concrete, the Dri-Gard system used in this project was extremely suitable to be used for various types of wastewater tanks.


The installation of the Dri-Gard coating system for this project was completed via spray application – allowing the project to be completed within the time frame required. The final result is a seamless, high performance protective coating system with excellent resistance against chemicals and salt solutions without harming any biological material in the tanks required for the treatment process.