Bali Marine

  • Client: Taman Safari Bali
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Year: 2019

01. The Challenge :

When it comes to choosing a suitable protective coating system for a theme park’s concrete tanks, it is important to consider its usage purpose and conditions, and to ensure that the materials chosen are reliable & durable. 

Bali Marine Park required a flexible, UV-resistant colour top coat to be sprayed over polyurea waterproofing for all their tanks. The top coat’s colours needed to be customized according to their colour scheme as well. Besides that, a non-toxic solution was required to ensure the health & safety of the marine life that were to be in the tanks. 

02. PROPOSED Solution :

For this project, we recommended the use of Dri-Gard UV 920 as a protective coating over the polyurea waterproofing for each concrete tank. Due to its aliphatic polyurethane polymer base, it is UV-resistant and does not yellow upon exposure to sunlight.

Dri-Gard UV 920 not only protects the aromatic polyurea waterproofing from UV exposure, it is also able to be tinted to custom colours based on the architect’s design requirements. Dri-Gard UV 920 is also non-toxic, making it safe for marine mammals to come into contact with it.

Bali Marine - Dri-Gard UV 920 Theme Park Coating
Bali Marine Dri-Gard UV920 Aquatic Tank Dritech
Bali Marine Indoor Tank - Dri-Gard UV 920 aliphatic pu top coat
Bali marine Dri-Gard UV 920 Outdoor Tank - Aliphatic PU Coating