• Client: Hap Seng Land (Application by Xiang Long Construction Sdn Bhd)
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Year: 2017

01. The Challenge :

Plaster de-bonding has been a serious concern over the past few years, especially when it is applied at external areas. Plastering mortar which are not bonded properly onto the substrate could crack and fall off, posing safety risks onto the occupants of the building. The team at Aria KLCC took the extra step to increase the adhesion strength of the wall plasters of the building, both internally and externally. 

Aria KLCC Super Primer F1 Dritech Chemicals Bonding Agent Plaster
Aria KLCC Super Primer F1 - Dritech
Aria KLCC Super primer F1 - Dritech Chemicals - Bonding Primer
Aria KLCC Plaster - Dritech Super Primer F1 Bonding Agent Primer

02. proposed Solution :

Dritech’s Super Primer F1 is a specially formulated bonding agent for enhancing the bond between plastering mortars and its substrate. Its water-resistant properties also allow it to be used in external areas, wet rooms, and other areas where it is subjected to occasional water splashes or rain.


Super Primer F1 significantly enhanced the durability and bonding of the wall plaster to existing concrete surfaces.We believe this project’s outcome also demonstrates Dritech’s commitment to providing top-tier construction solutions that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Plastering over Super Primer F1 Aria KLCC Dritech