Ancom Crop Care

  • Client: Ancom Crop Care
  • Location: Selangor, Malaysia
  • Year: 2020

01. The Challenge :

Production processes that involves highly corrosive chemicals face risks of downtime for repair works to be done, espeically when concrete protection is not planned in advance to guard against these corrosive chemicals. Downtime is the largest source of lost production time, which eventually equates to loss in income. The most disruptive kind of downtime are those that happen unplanned.

To protect its floor and bund linings against corrosive chemicals (including 98% sulphuric acid), a highly chemical resistant epoxy system is required. Since the floor is also subject to forklift usage, the epoxy system used requires excellent mechanical resistance as well.  

02. proposed Solution :

Dri-Gard’s high build protective coating system ensures maximum performance & durability of their floors & bund linings. This is to prevent any damages to their floor that is subjected to forklifts and various chemicals, which may lead to unforeseen downtime for repair works.

The Dri-Gard system proposed includes Dri-Floor EP 1000 as an epoxy primer to ensure good adhesion of the subsequent Dri-Floor MT 1100 epoxy mortar installed onto the floor. Subsequently, Dri-Gard EP 1800, high chemical resistance epoxy novolac coating, was applied. Super Fibre R100 reinforcement mat was also embedded in between coats.

03. final outcome:

The successful application of the Dri-Gard EP 1800 epoxy novolac system to Ancom Crop Care’s floor and bund lining has resulted in exceptional protection against corrosive chemicals, particularly 98% sulphuric acid.

This high-performance coating system ensures the longevity and integrity of the infrastructure by forming a robust barrier that resists chemical attack. The epoxy novolac system not only enhances the durability of the floors and bund linings but also significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime, providing Ancom Crop Care with a safe and reliable solution for their industrial environment.

Dri-Floor EP 1550 solvent Free Epoxy Flooring Dritech Chemicals Malaysia