Dritech Chemicals

Dritech Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. was founded with the aim to provide system solutions to the construction industry, and to expand the company’s footprint and business in other industries and countries.

Our extensive product range includes high performance protective coatings, resinous flooring systems, epoxy & PU-based materials, architectural stucco finishes, waterproofing, and many other innovative solutions.



Dritech provides a wide range of construction chemicals and materials to suit your project's needs.


Stuccos, coatings and more
for architectural finishes


Protective coatings for concrete, metal
& other substrates


Waterproofing systems for
internal & external areas


Resinous flooring systems -
epoxy, polyurethane & acrylic systems


Specific performance resin-based mortars for repair & protection

01. About Us

Waterproofing application on RC concrete car porch roof - Dritech Chemicals - Super Lastic S600

Moving Forward with Innovation

We aim to move the construction industry forward by providing sustainable construction chemical solutions through domesticated manufacturing facilities, trust-based partnerships and a comprehensive range of technical materials and systems. 

02. Projects

Track Record Over The Years

From residential homes to oil & gas industries, Dritech has provided technical system solutions to various projects throughout the years.

03. Providing Technical Solutions for Various Industries


Infrastructure Protection & Maintenance

JKR-Compliant Anti-Carbonation Protective Coating Systems

JKR-Compliant Anti-Carbonation Protective Coating Systems

Dri-Gard series are able to comply to various requirements, including JKR's specifications for concrete infrastructure protection.


Chemical Tank Linings

Protection Against The Harshest Chemicals

Protection Against The Harshest Chemicals

The Dri-Gard range of systems have excellent chemical resistance & salt resistance. We are able to provide system solutions based on your process line's requirements.


Epoxy Flooring

Seamless, Resinous Flooring Systems for Your Space

Seamless, Resinous Flooring Systems for Your Space

We have a wide range of epoxy flooring systems for various application areas and purposes. Get in touch to find out the right Dri-Floor system for your project.



Shielding Multiple Townships Against Downpours and Water Leakages

Shielding Multiple Townships Against Downpours and Water Leakages

Guarding your homes against water damage is paramount. Our waterproofing solutions at Dritech offer a robust shield against water ingress, ensuring that your spaces remain dry and protected.


and more

Comprehensive Construction Chemical Solutions

Comprehensive Construction Chemical Solutions

Our extensive range of construction chemical solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications and industries. Our products ensure durability, efficiency, and superior performance in every project.