Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan

01. The Challenge :

Refurbishing old buildings present significant challenges, especially when aiming to give it a refreshed look while managing budget constraints. For the Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan project, the existing toilets are experiencing leakage issues, necessitating a robust waterproofing solution as well.

Addressing these problems involves careful planning and cost-effective strategies to ensure the hospital’s facilities are not only restored but also meet modern standards of safety and hygiene.


02. DRITECH Solution :

Dri-Floor epoxy flake flooring system was proposed to be applied directly over the existing tiles in the toilet – to beautify as well as waterproof the area. This system adheres well to tiles, eliminating the need to hack off the old tiles, which would otherwise increase time and costs. The entire system is finished with epoxy flakes, providing an anti-slip surface to prevent injuries in wet areas. Additionally, the system’s versatility allows for the creation of various patterns, designs, and colors; enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Besides that, a seamless resinous floor coating system, comprising of Dri-Floor EP 1000 epoxy primer and Dri-Floor UV 9000 aliphatic polyurethane coating, was applied to all the existing corridors, which previously had a concrete/cement screed finish. This was not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to seal off the porous concrete, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and germs in the area. The seamless coating provides a clean, durable surface that enhances the hygiene and appearance of the corridors, contributing to a healthier environment.


The application of Dri-Floor systems has given the hospital a refreshed look, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Dri-Floor systems offer durable, clean, and visually appealing floor surfaces. These systems seal porous surfaces, preventing the growth of bacteria and germs. Besides that, Dri-Floor epoxy flake systems and their anti-slip properties ensure safety in wet areas. Overall, Dri-Floor contributes to a safer, cleaner, and more hygienic environment.