Gamuda Luge Gardens

  • Client: Gamuda Land
  • Location: Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Year: 2023

01. The Challenge :

The concrete panels that form the tracks of Gamuda Luge Gardens each have a unique shape, which are casted on-site. Between these panels are joints that require to be filled.

The material should be semi-flexible to endure high traffic and impact from the luges, while also accommodating track movements. Additionally, the client was looking for a material that could somewhat blend with the concrete panel’s colour, minimizing visible lines between panels. 

Dri-Poxy EP 178 - Dritech Chemicals - Epoxy Patching Mortar
dri-poxy luge 88 - gamuda luge gardens - epoxy joint compound - dritech malaysia
dri-poxy luge 88 - gamuda luge gardens - epoxy joint compound - dritech chemicals malaysia

02. dritech Solution :

Dritech Chemicals formulated a customized solution for Gamuda Luge Gardens. Luge Poxy 188, a semi-flexible epoxy joint and patching mortar, was formulated to match the colour of concrete as close as possible. Besides that, its excellent strength, impact and stain resistance reduces the maintenance and cleaning requirement of the theme park. It also prevents/reduces  efflorescence, which is commonly found when using cementitious-based materials. 


Our team successfully supplied Luge Poxy 188, a custom-formulated epoxy joint compound, to the all the concrete panel joints at Gamuda Luge Garden. This ensures the seamless experience of the luge rides along the tracks. 

This innovative solution effectively filled the joints between the uniquely shaped concrete panels, providing the necessary strength to withstand high traffic and impact, while also accommodating the movements of the tracks. The material’s ability to blend with the concrete color helped maintain the park’s aesthetic appeal, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable ride experience for all visitors.

luge poxy 188 - gamuda luge gardens - epoxy joint compound semi flexible epoxy - dritech chemicals malaysia